NETA Jul 8, 2024
How to Become an Australian Registered Nurse (AURN): A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you thinking about a nursing career in Australia? Discover the opportunities, challenges, and steps to start your journey in one of the most rewarding professions.

NETA May 5, 2022
Deepak Subedi

Director of Operations

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Roji Khadka

Senior Admissions Officer

NETA Sep 28, 2021

Get to know more about our educators. Who are they outside work? 

NETA Sep 17, 2021
Life as an Australian Registered Nurse

Let us take inspiration by reading how Cassandra Myles, an Internationally Qualified Registered Nurse from the Philippines, live and work as an Australian Registered Nurse.

NETA Feb 10, 2021
Life of an Educator- A success Story of a Registered Nurse in Australia.

By Ross Pancho.

‘A good success story is not always reserved in the movies.’


An interesting read about the journey of an Internationally Qualified Nurse to become a Registered Nurse and a successful Nurse Educator in Australia.


NETA Dec 20, 2020
NCLEX-RN, test format, structure and registration in Australia

 NCLEX is new in Australia and is called MCQ here, but it has been used in many countries including U.S for decades now and it is a very good testing system that serves only one purpose : to determine if it is safe for you to begin practice as an entry level nurse.

It relies on your critical and higher thinking capabilites to make nursing judgements, based on application and analysis using nursing knowledge, rather than your simple nursing knowledge you learned in your nursing school. It is significantly different to any exams that you may have taken in your Nursing school. 

Let's learn in detail about NCLEX , what's in the test and how to register in Australia.

NETA Dec 3, 2020
Becoming a Registered Nurse in Australia


If you are an internationally qualified nurse, who wants to become a Registered Nurse in Australia, there are certain steps you need to follow to gain that registration. It will depend on a few factors, but your qualification and your ability to show that you can meet the Australian registration standards are the two most important factors.