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In year 2020, Nursing Education & Training Australia designed a preparation course that will better prepare Internationally Qualified Nurses (IQNs) seeking to sit the NCLEX and OSCE. The examinations will lead IQNs to be eligible for nursing registration in Australia. Karissa, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is a Filipino nurse and nurse educator have seen her passion in nurturing and developing emerging nurses. Deepak, the Director of Business Operations, is a Nepalese who started his Australian life as a student. As people from diverse backgrounds, Deepak and Karissa designed a program to answer the needs of overseas nurses seeking registration in Australia, and at the same time, helping the Australian health sector address the workforce for nurses. 

Today, Nursing Education & Training Australia has now expanded and has become College of Nursing Education & Training Australia. In 2022, the college was approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver nationally recognised courses. The college is also registered under the Department of Education - Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) that allows international students gain Australian Qualification. 

College of Nursing Education & Training Australia continues to grow. With the support of the community, the college continues to thrive and does its best to ensure a positive learning experience to all its students. 




College of Nursing Education and Training Australia is the preferred education and training provider for all nurses and nurses of the future.


We prepare nurses to be safe, competent, and compassionate in their profession according to the standards expected by the global health industry.

Core Values

Knowledge: The Student is capable as an adult learner and has the skill to learn and adapt to new information.

Support:  Professional and psychosocial counselling is readily accessible to all students.

Respect: College of Nursing Education and Training Australia values diversity and cultural differences among students and staff. Each one is a human being that must be treated with utmost respect.

Teamwork:  College of Nursing Education and Training Australia is an environment of helpful people. We are people that go out of our way to be a contribution to others in need. We work in a fully supported environment that advocates collaborative and healthy work ethics where everybody feels excited to come to work.

Transparency: College of Nursing Education & Training Australia provides honest information.

Message from our CEO

Thank you for your interest in studying at College of Nursing Education & Training Australia. College of Nursing Education & Training Australia enjoys a reputation in Australia and throughout the world as a centre of excellence and innovation in the design and delivery of quality nursing educational programs. We offer an extensive range of vocational courses to students of varying backgrounds, with some our courses being accredited by the Australian government.

As a student at College of Nursing Education & Training Australia you will experience an institute characterised by an uncompromising commitment to outstanding teaching and learning and the development of highly motivated, work ready and respected graduates. Our state-of-the-art simulation laboratories, workplaces and industry partnerships ensure our students gain the practical skills required for future employment.

College of Nursing Education & Training Australia understands that the students are diverse and come from various background including overseas trained and qualified nursing professionals. Our commitment to ensuring an outstanding study experience at College of Nursing Education & Training Australia for our international students also includes the availability of a wide range of support services.

College of Nursing Education & Training Australia is proud of in campus and off campus facilities. The college facilities include state of the art classrooms, nursing simulation laboratory with most up to date equipment, library, printing and photocopying services.

On behalf of the management, administration staff and educators, we look forward to welcoming you to College of Nursing Education & Training Australia.


Karissa Subedi

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Our Team

Karissa Subedi

Chief Executive Officer and Nurse Educator Wagga Wagga

Leadership Strengths: Maximizer, Positivity, Relator, Communication, Empathy


Karissa Subedi is a registered nurse and educator. She has background experience in Emergency, Paeds, Neurosurgery, Urology, Vascular, and Palliative. Karissa is passionate about education evidenced by her Masters in Nursing specialising in Clinical Education, Leadership & Management. She also has training & assessment qualification. Karissa continues to support new and emerging nurses.

Karissa is a simulation-based educator and delivers OSCE. She once passed NCLEX -she has been in your shoes and continues to advocate for your success!



Deepak Subedi

Director of Business Operations

Leadership Strengths: Deliberative, Analytical, Individualization, Relator, Achiever


Hello, I am Deepak Subedi. I have several management roles specifically in operations. I am continuously updating myself professionally through education and coaching in Leadership and Bachelor in International Business Management.

My main role is to ensure the smooth operation of the organisation so our students receive the utmost quality of service they all deserve. I closely work with the admissions team, marketing, accounts, education manager, student support and library services.


Roji Khadka

Senior Administration & Accounting Officer

Leadership Strengths: Responsibility, Restorative, Achiever, Relator, Discipline

Hi I am Roji. I am the Senior Administration Officer in NETA. I manage accounts and student enquiries. As a valued team member of NETA, I collaborate with all departments to ensure that students' needs are met in a timely and positive manner.


Karla Kong

Marketing Manager

Leadership Strengths: Strategic, Relator, Achiever, Individualisation, Deliberative


Karla Kong, a Registered Nurse trained in the Philippines, Clinical Facilitator and Instructor, is part of the NETA Education Development Team. She has Masters in Nursing major in Clinical Supervision.

Karla is very dedicated and motivated in designing resources for our future nurses. She continuously keeps us updated with new tools and resources.

Karla takes the leadership in the marketing team as she is an advocate of ethical and honest marketing. 

Geeta Gautam

Business Development Officer - Nepal

Geeta is the Business Development Officer in Nepal. Geeta is passionate in helping overseas nurses reach their goal. She is kind, caring and very student focused. Geeta can be contacted for all your needs as a student or future student of College of Nursing Education & Training Australia.

Contact Number for Geeta in Nepal is : 9842 180 527


Email: client.engagement@collegeofneta.nsw.edu.au



Mikaela Quindao

Business Development Officer - Philippines

Mikaela, called by her firends, families and colleagues as Mikay, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science Business Administration major in Marketing. Mikay is the Business  Development Officer in the Philippines. Mikay is a people centred person. She enjoys getting to know new people and finding more about their stories and way of life. With strangers, she can usually find common ground, and she enjoy making people feel at ease around her. She describe herself as an open and honest person who doesn’t believe in misleading other people and tries to be fair in everything she do. 

Mikay travels around the Philippines and Asia to ensure future students of the college receives the right information. Mikay also works collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders for the development of the business. 

Mikay is part of the vibrant, young and amazing marketing team of College of NETA.

Khloe Santiago

Nurse Educator, OBA Course Coordinator

Khloe is a registered nurse in Philippines and Australia. She has more than 5 years of experience as a registered nurse in Occupational Nursing, Medical and Surgical, Aged Care and Palliative. Khloe ensures the smooth delivery of both NCLEX and OSCE. Khloe has been with College of NETA since its establishment and is one of the most senior Nurse Educators in the team teaching both NCLEX and OSCE.

Charlene Michelle Ruiz

Nurse Educator- Sydney

Leadership Strengths: Achiever, Strategic, Relator, Focus, Significance


Charlene is a registered nurse specialising in ED since 2007. She is a preceptor to so many nursing students and an emerging Nurse Educator to future nurses. Charlene is in pursuit to developing herself professionally. Her extensive practice together with her Masters degree in Nursing specialising in Emergency Care and Clinical Education makes Charlene one of the best educators in NETA. Charlene took NCLEX and has experienced the whole NCLEX process. She advocates for students' success through her passion in teaching the approaches, strategies and framework in the decision making process during the MCQ exam.

Jenny Bartipan

Nurse Educator- Sydney

Leadership Strenghts: Restorative, Activator, Learner, Developer, Input



My name is Jenny.

I am a registered nurse from Australia. I have also been lucky enough to work as a nurse in the UK for several years. I have 10 years of experience as a registered nurse, working in intensive care mainly cardiac as well as an acute admissions unit and home care.

I also have my Postgraduate Certificate in Critical Care completed in 2016.

My background is Intensive care, more specifically cardiothoracic intensive care - I love all things heart related!

I am incredibly passionate about educating others in a supportive environment as I believe it’s the best way to learn whilst also enjoying yourself.

I have had to do the transitional nursing program in the UK so I understand how scary it can be…this is one of the many reasons I am super excited to be a part of the great team at NETA.

Frey Sagas-a

Nurse Educator - Sydney

- I have been a registered nurse for more than 15 years.

- Worked in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates as RN.

- Worked in different areas of nursing mainly medical and surgical areas. (UGI surgery, vascular, gastro, colorectal, neurosurgery, burns, and isolation ward)

- Completed Graduate Diploma in Acute Care and Master of Clinical Nursing with specialization in Clinical Nursing and Teaching

- Currently working as a clinical nurse facilitator

Lovely Ramiscal

Nurse Educator - Sydney

Lovely is a registered nurse, a nurse leader in the field of education. Lovely has excellently completed multiple post graduate qualifications in nursing and nursing leadership. Lovely has a vast experience in clinical areas, clinical education, and now, a district position as a Nurse Educator.

Melanie Perez

Nurse Educator- Sydney

Melanie is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Stomal Therapy in one of the tertiary hospitals in Sydney, Australia. She has 14 years of diverse experience as a nurse starting out as a Medical Assistant for an international company, Registered Nurse (Medical/ Surgical) in a prestigious hospital in Manila and as a Utilization Management Reviewer (USRN) in the Philippines. 

She believes in continuously improving her practice as a nurse through studying. Melanie has obtained a Graduate Diploma in Acute Care Nursing, Graduate Certificate in Stomal Therapy Nursing and Masters of Clinical Nursing (Acute Care Nursing). 

Ashnu Chhetri

Nurse Educator - Sydney

Greetings everyone, I'm Ashnu, a registered nurse based in Australia. In my view, a nurse should embody motivation, efficiency, and a strong sense of responsibility. With a postgraduate degree in Masters of Nursing International from the University of Wollongong, Australia, I bring a wealth of experience to the table.


My professional journey has led me through the realms of orthopedics and surgical nursing in Australia, complemented by a valuable background in the Coronary Care Unit overseas. Having walked the path of an internationally qualified nurse, I deeply empathize with the challenges my fellow nurses face. My goal is to make their journey smoother by sharing the knowledge and experience I've amassed over the years.


I'm genuinely honored to be part of this exceptional team at College of NETA. I eagerly anticipate getting to know each of you and witnessing your remarkable achievements. Together, let's embark on a journey toward excellence.

Ross Pancho

Nurse Educator- Sydney

Leadership Strengths: Activator, Empathy, Communication, Adaptability, Positivity

Ross has been working as a nurse educator for over 10 years both international and Australian education sector mainly catering for international qualified nurses for national registration, diploma of nursing & undergraduate bachelors in nursing degree. Prior to education, he had an extensive work as a clinical nurse primarily looking after surgical-step down/acute cardiac care and vascular surgeries. Ross is currently working as a nurse educator for higher education as a course coordinator for a Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Bridging and Re-entry) for IQN at the Australian College of Nursing (ACN). He is also widely accustomed to accreditation regulations with ANMAC and offering consultation services for education providers both diploma of nursing and RN bridging program courses for accreditation. Ross also teaches as a sessional academics for undergraduate bachelor of nursing degree at the Australian Catholic University (North Sydney Campus). Ross is also currently coordinating the Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic and Dermatology Nursing of the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) as the only postgraduate qualification for this specialty that is offered across the country. Ross enjoys time in supporting students learning and evidence-based nursing outcomes. Thanks Ross for sharing your expertise in both NCLEX and OSCE to our NETA students.

Jessa Taping Villareal

Nurse Educator- Melbourne

I completed my nursing degree in the Philippines and in Australia and I have been a registered nurse since 2009. 
A snapshot of my experience includes medical and surgical nursing, paediatric nursing, maternal and child health, community nursing and briefly a theatre nurse. I also had previous leadership roles and program development implementation. I am currently an Associate Nurse Unit Manager at one of the private hospitals in Victoria. Part of my role as an ANUM is to mentor newly hired staff, conduct skills assessment, and educate student RNs and ENs.

Anamika Shrestha

Nurse Educator- Melbourne

Leadership Strengths: Consistency, Responsibility, Futuristic, Achiever, Harmony


Anamika is a registered nurse and an Associate Nurse Unit Manager based in Victoria. She specialises in Mental Health and General Medical Surgical Practice. Anamika has had a passion for education since the beginning of her nursing career. She was a clinical instructor in Nepal and continues her educator role here in Australia. Anamika has a postgraduate certificate in Masters of Nursing International from the University of Wollongong. Anamika teaches for both NCLEX and OSCE for NETA. 

Loraine Quijano

Nurse Educator- Brisbane

Leadership Strengths: Achiever, Focus, Learner, Significance, Competition


Loriane is a registered nurse based in Queensland. She is trained in both the Philippines and Australia. Loraine took the MCQ herself. She is very passionate in education and training future RNs. Loraine has conducted NCLEX and OSCE training. She is a developing nurse educator with ongoing postgraduate studies,  training and assessment. Loraine is a good resource as she has a wide and variety of experience dealing with basic and complex care required of an entry level registered nurse. She also worked in the Medical Surgical, Paediatrics, maternity and Emergency Department. 

Daniela Lobascio

Nurse Educator- Brisbane

Leadership Strengths: Restorative, Developer, Arranger, Adaptability, Relator


Daniela is a Registered Nurse and Nurse Preceptor working in an Intensive Care Unit. She has a wealth of critical care experience and has ongoing studies in a post graduate qualification in critical care. Daniela has also stepped into a Leadership Masterclass with ACN. As an overseas registered nurse herself, Daniela is inspired and motivated to support her fellow overseas RN. She believes that any international nurse can make it to the top, you just have to believe. As a Nurse Educator of NETA, Daniela has a strong focus on our values of SUPPORT AND RESPECT where she believes good communication and trusting relationship between educators and students are vital to success.

Charlhen Tan

Nurse Educator- Brisbane

Leadership strengths: Adaptability, Positivity, Developer, Empathy, WOO (winning others over)

Charlhen has been a registered  nurse in Australia for 7 years with general-medical nursing and emergency nursing background.She was also a registered nurse in the Philippines for 2 years and took the competency assessment programme (CAP) in New Zealand wherein she was able to register in Australia thru Trans-Tasman mutual recognition. Helping people is her very core and NETA has given Charlhen the opportunity to extend that helping hand to international nurses for their registration journey here in Australia. Charlhen assists OSCE face to face in Brisbane.

Noel Paradero

Nurse Educator - Wagga Wagga

Strengths: Connectedness, Restorative, Analytical, Strategic, Relator


I was groomed to become a lawyer. I studied a bachelor’s

degree in Political Science and Law while working as a

manager in the Philippines. Just like everyone here, I dreamt of

living abroad and nursing has given me all the opportunities I

have today. Fifteen (15) years of nursing experience happened

so fast. My clinical background includes Public Health:

Infectious, Communicable Diseases and Immunisation,

Immigration and Refugee Health Undertakings, Tuberculosis,

Renal Dialysis and Management roles in Medical Centres and

Aged Care settings. Post graduate studies include a Diploma in

Health and Social Welfare in the UK and Public Health and

Immunisation courses in Australia. The universe has its own

plan for everyone. It is up to you to accept and make it happen.

Remember to grow where you planted.

Ramona Kathy Chu

Nurse Educator - Wagga Wagga

Each day is a new, unique learning opportunity. I have worked in the nursing profession for over 20 years; 10 of which being in the United Kingdom, a short stint in Canada and 10 years in Australia. Although I also hold a US RN license after passing the NCLEX, I haven’t ventured pursuing my career in the US as my family and I have fallen in love with the lifestyle that Australia has offered us.

 I have primarily worked in the critical care settings of ICU, HDU and CCU. Having had the experience of working for the district as clinical nurse specialist and clinical educator in the renal unit, I have come to realise that my greatest passion lies in bedside nursing and imparting the acquired knowledge, essential skills and positive attitude I have learnt and continue to share with my colleagues; whether they be  a junior, senior nurse or a student. 

Orleann Ponce

Nurse Educator

Orleann is a registered nurse since 2007. As an internationally qualified nurse, his vast experience and knowledge, Orleann is confident that he is able to help overseas nurses achieve their RN goal. Orleann specialises in respiratory nursing, emergency department, acute care both in medical and surgical wards and now developing as a nurse educator